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Basic End User Training

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:28AM EDT


Sharpen - Basic End User Training


In this section, the basics of logging into Sharpen are discussed. This overview will cover the following:

  • Log into Sharpen
  • Interact with the Company Directory
  • Build a Buddy My Directory
  • Set up the Find Me function
  • Set up Voicemail
  • Access Voicemail


Logging Into Sharpen

Log into Sharpen via the login page at


The End User dashboard is visible upon successful login


Company Directory

On the left hand side of the Dashboard is the Community directory. This section allows interaction with other members of the company. This can be customized by clicking the pencil icon and dragging and dropping other members of the company in the order that makes most sense to the individual’s needs. The magnifying glass icon allows users to search for others by entering employees’ names. This list also enables users to see if others within the company are on their phones.  The green extension box shows that users are available. Should the box be red, then that user has made himself unavailable or is on the phone.


Under each user is three icons. The Mobile phone icon calls that user’s cell phone, given then have set up mobile number under their profile (For directions on how to edit a profile, click here). The phone icon will call that user’s extension. Lastly, the envelope will allow the end user to leave a voicemail on that extension. To use this feature, click on the desired icon, which will ring the outbound caller’s phone. Once the caller answers, it will attempt to connect you to the party or voicemail you are attempting to call.


My Directory

The Buddy List is similar to the Company Directory but allows the user to customize his/her phone list to those most frequently called external numbers. To add a person to the buddy list, click the plus sign and enter the necessary information.


Setting Up Find Me

"Find Me" allows for inbound calls to an extension to be routed to multiple destinations. The call can be redirected to another extension, sent to voicemail, sent to a mobile device and many other options. This allows the call to "find" the user wherever he/she is or at least route to the best location.


The Find Me setting has three steps.  To access this setting, the user simply clicks onfind me under “My Status”.

Step 1 - Choose whether Find Me is On or Off. After turning the application On, you will also need to set the External Ring Time, which is the number of seconds the Find Me application will ring.


Step 2 - Choose Ring All or Hunt. After choosing the ring method, add the destinations you would like to ring.

  • Ring All will ring all of the destinations you have entered at the same time for the duration of the External Ring Time.
  • Hunt will ring each destination you have entered one at a time in the order they are listed. **Please Note** Hunt calls will ring every destination for the duration of the External Ring Time, so this can lead to very long wait times for the caller if not configured carefully.
  • + Add More Options - This button allows you to add as many destinations as you need. When you click this button a drop down menu will appear. Select the type of destination and the appropriate box will appear. Select the appropriate Extension from the drop down menu, or enter the 10 digit External Number you would like to ring. Repeat this until you have added all of the destinations you would like to ring.


Step 3 - This last routing option determines where the call goes if it was not answered during Step 2. Typically this will be set to Voicemail for your own extension, but the call can be routed anywhere in the system at this point.


Once your Find Me setup is complete, you will need to route your calls there for it to be effective. You can do this by setting your Status Available or Status Unavailable to Find Me and then making sure that My Status on the End User Dashboard is set to the appropriate routing option.


Setting Up Voicemail

Below are the instructions setting up your voicemail option from your phone. If you do not have access to your phone or need to make changes from another phone, dial *98 instead of *97 and enter your extension.


How to record your unavailable message

  1. Dial *97 to access your voicemail
  2. Press ‘0’ to access mailbox options
  3. Press ‘1’ to record unavailable message
  4. Record your message and press #
  5. If you wish to check the recording: Press ‘2’ to playback the recording. Press ‘3’ to re-record the message
  6. Once you are satisfied press ‘1’ to accept and apply the recording


How to change your voicemail password

  1. Dial *97 to access your voicemail
  2. Enter your 4-digit password. If you are unsure of your password try 0-0-0-0. This is the default for voicemail
  3. Press ‘0’ to access mailbox options
  4. Press ‘5’ to change your password
  5. Enter in the new password followed by the # Key


Other mailbox options

  1. Dial *97 to access your voicemail
  2. Press ‘0’ for mailbox options
  3. Press ‘2’ to record your busy message
  4. Press ‘3’ to record your name
  5. Press ‘4’ to manage your temporary greeting


Checking Voicemail

Voicemail can be checked in 3 ways: via the End User Portal, through voicemail to email or by checking the phone itself.


Voicemail through the portal:

At the bottom right of the End User page you will see “My Voicemail”. You will be able to review past messages and  delete messages one by one or via a mass delete. Note deleting the messages from the portal will also remove the messages from your phone.


Voicemail to Email:

Voicemail to email send a MP3 copy of your voicemail so you are able to check your voicemail from anywhere you have access to your email. To set up voicemail to email, makes sure your email address


Voicemail from your phone:

Voicemails can be accessed not only from your desk phone but from any phone in your organization. Accessing voicemails from the phone assigned to your extension can be done by dialing *97 followed by your 4 digit voicemail password. Alternatively, your voicemails can be retrieved from a phone not associated with your extension by dialing *98. This method will require you to enter your mailbox (extension) followed by your 4 digit password.

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