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Basic Phone Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:47AM EDT
How to troubleshoot your phone's connection
This article covers the basic troubleshooting steps to try if you are experiencing connectivity issues with your phone.

Reboot the device
Rebooting the device will prompt it to re-establish it's network connection, as well as reacquire it's configuration file. All you need to do is remove power from the device for about 10 seconds. Some phones receive power via Power over Ethernet and will simply need to have their Ethernet cord removed. If your phone is connected with a power brick, you can unplug it from standard power instead.

Confirm networking cables are plugged into the proper ports.
Many IP Phones have two ethernet ports on the back. One port is for the Internet/network connection, and the second port is a passthrough port that allows your PC to share the same connection as the phone. Most phones are labelled as LAN (network) & PC (pass-through). Legacy Cisco SPA phones are labelled as SW (network) & PC (pass-through). Some phones may only have an icon, pictured below is what the LAN icon looks like:

Ensure the phone's connection is working properly
Verify the phone's connection by connecting the device to a different ethernet cable, preferrably where a known working phone is located. If the device works on this connection, but not on the original, there may be an issue with either the cable used or the port the phone is connected to.

Confirm the device's MAC Address in the portal
You will need to login to the Sharpen portal and navigate to:
  1. Admin
  2. Configuration
  3. Extensions
  4. Click Edit on the corresponding extension
Locate the MAC Address field and compare it with the MAC Address, which is a 12 character identifier typically which should be located on the back of the phone.

If you are still having issues after following these troubleshooting steps, please contact Sharpen Support:

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