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Last Updated: May 31, 2016 10:01PM EDT
Can I use a traditional fax machine with Sharpen Web Faxing?
Fax machines traditionally use phone lines to send and receive data. With Sharpen Web Faxing this process is done over the internet rather than through a normal phone line. There are several advantages to web faxing; but first, let’s talk about how to get your fax machine up and running.
  • To translate an analog fax signal to a digital VoIP signal you will need what is called an ATA adapter.
  • ATA adapters convert analog signals to digital signals so that the signal can be sent over the internet to a server. You can find examples of ATA adapters here at our hardware page: under Accessories > Fax Audio Codes

What are the advantages to Sharpen web faxing?
  • Easy to use web fax application
  • Fax to email - receive faxes to your email address and avoid having to work with installing fax machines and adapters
  • Re-download received faxes. You’ll never lose your faxes!
  • More secure than faxing over telephone line

How reliable is web faxing? Is it secure?
  • Web faxing is actually more secure than standard fax. It is much more difficult to intercept a fax sent over the internet than it is to intercept a fax over telephone line.
  • Web faxing over the internet rates the same as standard faxing over telephone line for reliability. The same limitations apply for both.

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