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Last Updated: Nov 01, 2016 05:17AM EDT
What is Sharpen Q?
Sharpen Q is a queue system that allows agents to receive calls from queued callers. Examples of this system in use would be a help desk or call center.

Why would I want to use Sharpen Q?
Sharpen Q reduces the number of distractions for agents by only ringing an agent as they are available. Sharpen Q also allows agents to login to separate specialized queues based on their job responsibilities.

How do I enable Sharpen Q?
If you wish to add Sharpen Q to your account, please contact our sales team at

How do I create a queue?
  1. Login to the Sharpen portal as an Admin
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Sharpen Q
  3. Click the ‘new queue’ button at the top right of the page
  4. Set a name, extension number (4 digits)
  5. Set the Caller ID Name
  6. Set the Caller ID Number
  7. Click ‘save’ at the bottom of the page

This looks complex! What are all these options?

  • Least Recent: The available agent who has not received a call the longest will be the first to take the next call
  • Random: The system will randomly select an available agent to take the next call

Skill Routing
  • Enable or disable
  • Routes calls based on skills assigned to agents

Ring Via Notify Call
  • Notifies agent of incoming call by showing an orange bar at the top of their Sharpen Q dashboard

Initial Music on Hold
  • Music that plays initially when placed on hold

Music on Hold
  • Music that plays after initial music on hold

Alert Agent Hold Time
  • Notify agent of how long they have been on hold

Queue Weight
  • Queue priority level

Ring Agent Time
  • Amount of time a call rings an agent before the call moves to a different agent

Call Recording
  • On Demand: Dial *9 to initiate call recording
  • Always: call recording always enabled

Custom IVR
  • Allows you to use an auto attendant for the queue

Custom IVR Frequency
  • How much time before the IVR initiates

Custom IVR Announcement
  • Sound file that plays when the IVR initiates

Saved Options
  • Options the caller is allowed to select during the IVR

Queue Callback
  • Allows the caller to hang up the call and reserve a spot in line. The queue will call the caller back when next in line to be called.

Queue Callback Frequency
  • How long the system waits before offering the Callback option. Cannot be the same time frame as the IVR or other frequency

Caller Position
  • Notifies the caller of their position in line

Caller Position Frequency
  • How often the caller is notified of their position

Avg Wait Time
  • Notifies caller of the average wait time before their call is answered

Avg Wait Time Frequency
  • How often the caller is notified of the average wait time

Exit No Agents / If no agents
  • Routing option the caller is sent to if there are no agents available in the queue to answer the call

Max Wait / Max Wait Time / Max Wait Time Reached
  • Enables the maximum amount of time a caller will wait before being routed to a different location.

Queue Stats / Queue Stats Refresh
  • Enables queue stat tracking and the ability to set a time range for when those stats are tracked. Can set the refresh time on the stats

Queue Stats Target Hold Time
  • Target hold time that displays on the stats page

Queue Stats Start/End Time
  • Start and end time for stat tracking to start and end


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