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Time Controls / Time Control Setup

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:37AM EDT
What are Time Controls?

Time Controls allow you to route calls according to custom time parameters.

Why would I use Time Controls?

Time Controls automate call flows based on the time of day. Clients most often set Time Controls for things such as Business Hours and After Hours to reduce the number of daily configuration changes. Time Controls is a very powerful feature when paired with Auto Attendants and other routing options.

How do I setup Time Controls?

To setup Time Controls, navigate to Admin > Configuration > Time Control Setup. From here you will create a new Time Control Setup group. First, create a name and set the Time Zone directly below the name field. Time Controls can also be "stacked" to create more complex setups.

Set Time Parameters:
  • Time to Start/End sets the start and end time for a Time Control
  • Week Day Start/End sets a specified day range. Usually Monday - Friday
  • Month Day Start/End sets a date range for the time control to function. This is often left blank but can work well for holidays or seasons of year
  • Any option left blank will be ignored within Time Control function

I have Time Control Setup done. How do I set routing options?

  1. Click the Time Controls tab at the top of the page or navigate to Admin > Configuration > Time Controls
  2. Create a Name and select the Time Control Group created within Time Control Setup
  3. Use the dropdown menu under ‘If time condition is met’ to select where calls will route If the Time Condition is met
  4. Repeat for ‘if time condition is not met
  5. Click Save

I have created a Time Control but it is not working?

  1. You will need make sure the number you wish to control is routed accordingly.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Inbound Routes and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Using the drop down menus, select Time Control and then the Time Control you have created
  4. Click Save

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