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Ring Groups

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:36AM EDT
What are Ring Groups?

Ring Groups allow you to create groups of users and associate them with an inbound route.

Why would I use Ring Groups?

You can create groups for sales, support, marketing etc. and specify how the call is routed to those users. This assists in organizing call flows to the correct agents instead of having a caller hunt through a long list of extension numbers. Getting the right people on the phone without having to transfer a call is business made easy.

How do I use Ring Groups?
To set up Ring Groups from the Administrator portal navigate to Configuration > Ring Groups. To view previously created ring groups you can click on the dropdown bar and select to view them. You can create a new Ring Group by clicking on the blue ‘new ring group’ button at the top right of the page, and then fill in the group’s name and create an extension number that is not already in use to dial into the group.

Determine how the Ring Group Functions:
  • Type allows you to set either Hunt or Ring All. Hunt rings selected users from top to bottom until answered. Ring All will ring every selected user at the same time.
  • Call Tone allows you to set what a caller will hear. You can set either Ring or Music.
  • Ring Time allows you to set the number of rings each extension will ring. Each ring is equal to 5 seconds. Please Note: The Hunt option will ring each extension for the set Ring Time before moving to the next.

How do I determine which users receive calls within the Ring Group?
  1. Navigate to the ‘Users’ section near the bottom of the page
  2. Click on a user within the ‘Unselected Users’ box to move the user over to the ‘Selected Users’ box.
  3. You can add external numbers by typing an external number into the ‘Add External Number’ field below and then click ‘Add
  4. To remove a number from ‘Selected Users’ simply click on the user and it will return to ‘Unselected Users
  5. Click Save at the bottom right of the screen

How do I set Routing Options for the Ring Group?
  1. Navigate to the bottom of the page to the ‘Routing Options’ section
  2. Click the first box to reveal a dropdown menu
  3. Choose the route type Click the second box to reveal a second dropdown menu
  4. Choose the route location
  5. Click Save to finalize the Ring Group




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