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Inbound Routes

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:31AM EDT
What are Inbound Routes?
Inbound Routes designate a specific call path for all inbound calls made to phone numbers on your account.

Why would I use Inbound Routes?
Inbound Routes are used with every inbound call to your business. You can choose where you want a call to be routed with configuration options such as Time Controls, Ring Groups, Extensions, Voicemail, etc. Every inbound call starts at Inbound Routes and moves through the routing options until the call has ended.

How do I manage Inbound Routes?
To set up your Inbound Routes:
  1. Log in to Sharpen and navigate to:
    • Admin
    • Configuration
    • Inbound Routes
  2. From here you will see all of the available phone numbers for your account.

  3. Click the ‘Edit’ button next to the Inbound Route you wish to set up. The details for the Inbound Route will be displayed.

  4. From here you are able to manage the individual Inbound Route. After you have made your changes, be sure to press the 'Save' button.
    • Quick Name allows you to identify the individual Inbound Route.
    • Music on Hold allows you to set the music played when placing a caller on hold.
    • Call Recording allows you to set either ‘On Demand’ or ‘Always’ for inbound call recordings. To start call recording when ‘on demand’ is selected press *9.
How do I add a new Inbound Route?
  1. Click the 'Add New Number' button in the upper right corner. A prompt will appear.

  2. Select the desired Country.
  3. Select the desired State, or Toll Free Numbers.
    • If selecting Toll Free Numbers, you will next select the Prefix. The '*' symbol functions as a wildcard.
  4. Select the desired City
  5. If there are numbers available in that area, they will be displayed in the 'Available Numbers' list. If there are no numbers displayed, no numbers are available in that area.
  6. Mark the Check Box next to the desired number(s). (Note: Please do not use the 'quantity' box to order.)
  7. Click 'Order' when you are done.
  8. Refresh your Inbound Routes page and the new numbers will be displayed.
How do I route my calls?
  1. Navigate to the bottom of the page to 'Routing Options'
  2. Click the first dropdown box. A drop down menu will appear
  3. Choose the route type
  4. Click the second dropdown box. A drop down menu will appear
  5. Choose the route setting
  6. Click 'Save'
  7. Make a test call to ensure inbound calls are routed properly
How do I enable Advanced Options?
  1. Click 'Edit' on the Inobound Route you wish to Modify.
  2. Click the 'Advanced Options' drop down menu near the top right of the page, and select 'Enabled'
  3. The 'Advanced Options' section will display on the bottom half of the page.
  4. When you click 'Save' with 'Advanced Options' set to 'Enabled' it will be displayed by default for that number in the future.
What functions do Advanced Options offer?
  • Call Recording Email
  • Call Recording Warning
  • Line Type
  • CID Name Prefix
  • Inbound Playback
  • Auto Attendant Override
  • Alert Info
  • Skills
  • Queue Points
  • SMS Users
If you have any questions, please click the "?" help modal on the right. You can also contact at or by calling 855.249.3357

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