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Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:35AM EDT
What is an Auto Attendant?
An Auto Attendant answers a call with a recorded greeting and gives the caller the ability to select from a list of provided options.

Why would I use an Auto Attendant?
You can use an Auto Attendant when you would like to play a recorded message for your caller. You can also provide options for the caller to choose from so that they may decide how their call is routed - i.e. 1 for Sales, 2 for support, etc.

How do I set up an Auto Attendant?
First you will need to navigate to Admin > Configuration > Auto Attendant. Create your new Auto Attendant by pressing the new auto attendant button. A blank Auto Attendant configuration will appear. Name your Auto Attendant with the Quick Name field and scroll down to click Save. After saving the Auto Attendant, the Saved Options section will appear. This is where you add the individual options and choose where they route the call.

Determine how the Auto Attendant functions:
  • Wait Time determines how long the Auto Attendant will wait before repeating or moving on to the Timeout Option.
  • Number of Loops determines how many times the Auto Attendant will repeat before the Timeout Option is triggered.
  • Voice Group determines which Voice Group this Auto Attendant is assigned to.
  • Queue Points is part of the Sharpen Q application and will be covered there.

To Add an option simply click the + button and a prompt will appear.
  • Option Number to the button you would like the caller to press.
  • Queue Points and Skills are part of the Sharpen Q application and will be covered there.
  • Send SMS allows you to send out an SMS to the Caller, or a predefined phone number when the caller selects that option.
  • Routing Options allows you to select where the call will go when the caller selects that option.
  • Save creates and updates the option.

What do the default Options mean?
There are two options loaded into an Auto Attendant by default:
  • Option t is the Timeout Option. This determines where the call is routed after the Wait Time has been met.
  • Option _XXX is the Dial by Extension option. This allows the caller to enter the extension number that they would like to reach directly.

How do I add an announcement/greeting?
  1. Click the create new recording button and a prompt will appear.
  2. Click upload file to upload a pre-recorded sound file.
  3. Click record a message from your phone and another prompt will appear asking you for the Recording Name which is used to identify the announcement, and the Number to Call which is the 10 digit phone number the system will call.
  4. When the system calls you will hear a greeting telling you what to do. When you are done recording, be sure to press the # key as this signals to the system that you are done.
  5. Next, refresh the Auto Attendant page.
  6. Clear out the text in the Announcement box and select your new announcement from the drop down menu that appears.
  7. After selecting your announcement, click save at the bottom of the page.

How do I add an Auto Attendant to an Extension?
This easily allows callers to select options instead of only being able to leave a voicemail for that extension.
  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Auto Attendant
  2. Click the "Create New Auto Attendant" button
  3. Fill out fields accordingly and upload announcement.
  4. Press 'Save'
  5. Now, navigate to Admin > Configuration > Extensions
  6. Enable Find Me
  7. Setup Steps 1 & 2 accordingly
  8. Step 3 can be set to the Auto Attendant you have created for that extension.

For an idea of how an Auto Attendant works, see the attached flowchart.

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