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Buddy Panel / Voice Toolbar FAQ

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2016 01:37PM EST
What is the Buddy Panel / Voice Toolbar?
The Voice Toolbar is a way to keep track of your coworkers so you can easily call them, see if they are on the phone, leave them a voicemail, or call their cell phone.

How do I customize the Voice Toolbar to show who I want?
To customize and explore the options for your Voice Toolbar, follow the directions below:

  1. Click the pencil icon
  2. The 'Edit Voice Toolbar' pop up window will appear
  3. The list on the lefthand side of the window under "Edit Voice Toolbar" shows who you currently have listed in your Voice Toolbar. You are allotted 10 users for your list, with your extension as the top user.

  • Add a User: use the dropdown box to find a user, and click "Save". 
  • Rearrange Your List: you may drag and drop the users to the desired placement within your toolbar.
  • Remove a User: select the red “x” to the right of the user’s name.

Why can't I see a particular user on my Voice Toolbar?
When adding a user to the voice toolbar that user will not show if the ‘hide from buddy list’ option has been checked on the user's associated extension. An administrator can check this by doing the following:
  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Extensions and click Edit on the extension in question.
  2. Uncheck the Hide from Buddy List option.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. The user will now be available in the Voice Toolbar.

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