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Sound File Upload Requirements

Last Updated: Aug 02, 2016 04:50PM EDT
There are a few requirements when uploading sound files not recorded from the Sharpen Portal.

What format should sound files be in before I upload them?
  • Mono channel
  • 16-bit PCM
  • MP3
  • Simple filename - make sure to avoid symbols and long names.

Im not sure how to do this? Are there any tools I can use to meet these requirements?
Audacity can be used to check if these requirements have been met, and can also export the sound file as a properly formatted MP3 if you also install the LAME library. You can find Audacity HERE

**Please Note: We cannot offer support for the application Audacity, we simply recommend this as it is open source and relatively easy to use.**

What happens if I upload a sound file and it does not meet these requirements?
Sound files that do not meet these requirements may cause issues when attempting to call into an auto attendant, when listening to music on hold, or when using any other Sharpen feature that utilizes sound files.

Help! Where is the sound file I just uploaded?
All uploaded sound files are viewable from the Configuration > Sound Files page when logged into the Sharpen Portal as an Admin. It may take a few minutes for a sound file to become visible. Once uploaded, make sure the sound file status is listed as "Deployed." This means that the sound file is usable. If the sound file status shows as "Failed" it will need to be uploaded again.

Always remember to test your sound files with their respective features (eg. Auto Attendant) to ensure they work as desired.

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