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Last Updated: Jul 25, 2016 06:13PM EDT
What is an Extension?
An extension is a destination on the account. Most of the time an extension is simply a Phone, but an extension can also be just a voicemail box among other things. The extensions page allows administrators to view every extension on their company's network. Admins can easily see which devices are connected to the network and view individual extensions. You can make changes to call routing, caller ID, voicemail, and music on hold directly from this page.

How do I add or remove extensions?
The addition and removal of extensions is now managed from the Manage Users page. For more information on creating new extensions, see Manage Users.

The dropdown bar is a way to easily access and pull up any of the extensions within your company. If you have more than 10 extensions, they will be displayed in List View when loading the extensions page. You can return to List View from the details page by clicking the List View button.

Extension Status
The information in the status box tells you about the extensions phone. See if the phone is connected, get the IP address, note the type of device, and the latency.

Extension Details
Your server address will already appear upon entering the extensions page, but you will have to look up your MAC address on your computer. The device group & device type depend on your specific IP phone. Outbound Caller ID can be set to any number that is on your account, and is what will be presented when the extension calls out. You can easily select the music that you would like on hold and enter in your e911 location. Selecting whether you would like call recording to be 'On Demand' or 'Always' on is up to you. You can also set how long to ring the call at your desk and have the ability to hide the extension from your buddy list or the directory.

Voicemail Status
The next section allows you to adjust your voicemail status. Choose to enable or disable voicemail and set an email address and password for voicemail to email.

Find Me
The Find Me section allows you to customize call routing for your extension. You can find more information on this feature here: Find Me

Call Path
The last section on the extensions page is the Call Path. This is where you choose to be available or unavailable, and to choose where to direct an incoming call depending upon your status.
Remember to save the extension after editing!

Advanced Options
You may have noticed the 'Advanced Options' check box at the bottom of the the 'Extensions' page in the 'Configurations' tab. If you check the 'Advanced Options' box a screen like the one below will appear.

Time Zone
The Time Zone option allows you to set the Time Zone that will be displayed on the phone for that extension.

Daylight Savings
Determine whether or not Daylight Savings is in use for this extension.

IP Information
The IP Information setting allows you to choose how the phone acquires it's IP Address. DHCP is the default, and the phone will automatically request an IP Address from the networking equipment in use. If you select Static IP, you will be able to assign a Static IP to the phone via it's configuration file. It is recommended to assign a Static IP from your router/firewall as the phone must first be able to get it's configuration file to apply this information.

Attendant Console
If you are using an Attendant Console, select the appropriate number of keys from the drop down. A list will appear for you to choose the extension to be displayed for each position. This is also called a Breakout Panel.

Allows you to assign a VLAN tag to the phone.

The SNTP setting allows you to define an alternative NTP server if you would like.

Determines whether video calling is allowed for this extension. This feature is only supported by a handful of phones, and only for extension to extension calls.

Delete Voicemail after Email
This setting will automaticlaly delete voicemails from your phone after they have been sent to your email address. This helps prevent your inbox from filling up.



The URL allows you to view who the incoming caller is through the incoming call bar on app.sharpencx. To view the ID of the caller you will need to enter into the URL: 


OR for an Allstate agent


 After you have entered the address, you will need to add another code to the end of the address. This code is depending upon how you would like to view the ID of the caller; enter the following codes depending upon preference. 

  • Caller ID Name: ##CALLERIDNAME##
  • Caller ID Number: ##CALLERIDNUM##
  • Inbound DID: ##INBOUNDDID##

An example field will look as such:  ##CALLERIDNUM##

URL Type
This option allows you to set whether the generated URL is opened manually by clicking on the Call Bar, or if the browser is forced to open the URL automatically. The browser URL forced open will require that popups are enabled on that browser. 

Attendant Console Settings
Select the extensions that you would like to appear on the Attendant Console. "Register As" extensions will allow you to impersonate that extension for outbound calls.

After dealing with the breakout panel extensions, you can continue to the last part of the advanced options; Lines. Lines allow you to monitor another extension on your own phone by making their calls appear on your second or third line by simply selecting their extension from the dropdown bar.

If you have any questions, please click the "?" help modal on the right.

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