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Sharpen Features & Benefits

Last Updated: May 31, 2016 10:34PM EDT


  • Sharpen offers, an easy-to-use and professionally designed web portal for clients to manage their phone service. Make network wide changes anywhere you have access to the portal with the click of a button. End users and administrators can customize their extension and network to create the perfect tool for every company.



  • Easily add or subtract extensions to your service. Sharpen can scale from one to 10,000 and still save you money off of your monthly bill. Visit the Hardware page or contact a Sharpen sales associate to help you add to your account or get started today!



  • Sharpen phone network is extremely easy to move to a different room or different building with us hosting your phone system and no need for bulky equipment. The only requirements are an Ethernet port and an Internet connection for your phones to connect to our network. Take some of the expenses out of the equation when moving locations by purchasing a cloud based phone system.


 Voice to Email

  • Ideal for clients on the go and out of the office frequently, if you receive a voicemail on your office phone, you will receive an email with the audio of the voicemail and who left you the message. Allowing you to receive and easily listen to your messages without having to dial a call in number.



  • Every Sharpen phone purchased creates an extension number to make it easy to transfer calls and for interoffice communication to take place. Simply dial the extension and reach someone next door, down the street, or across the country. Each extension also creates a Sharpen User allowing you to customize the extension inside of Sharpen.



  • Completely customize individual extensions to the entire network so that it is exactly what your business needs. Whether you have one extension or 10,000, Sharpen allows you to decide exactly how your company will handle its calls.The possibilities range from time Queues, call recording, DID's, auto attendant, and the online web portal making management easy. 


Auto Attendant

  • This feature is used by many businesses in order to eliminate a person physically answering and routing each call. The automated answering script allows the caller to choose from a list of extensions or enter the extension they are needing to reach. Time controls set on this feature can be turned on/off after hours or on weekends. You can record and upload your own custom script to keep up with your changing business needs. Sharpen Hub allows any Sharpen User to view a live status of extensions, click to call, and transfer calls to other Sharpen Users.

Find Me

  • Find Me is a feature that allows Sharpen users to never miss that important call again! Easily set external number(s) programmed to their extension in order to be reached at any location. Set cues to your extension and if a call is not answered at your office phone, after a set amount of seconds or simultaneously, the call automatically transfers to the next number listed without the caller ever knowing that he or she was transferred.

Conference Bridge

  • Add as many people as you would like to a conference bridge and even put your personal greeting in to announce you have been added to a call. This feature allows you to have conference calls with everyone in the office with the touch of a button. You no longer have to huddle around a conference room phone to hear the caller. Now, you simply sit at your own desk and talk into the handset like any other call!

  • This feature also allows you to have conference calls with everyone in the office with the touch of a button. Conference in as many people as you want with your personal Conference Bridge.

Ring Groups

  • Create Ring Groups to ensure that your customers' calls are answered. By building a Ring Group, a call can go to several different extensions in a designed pattern until that call reaches an available extension.

Time Control

  • Set time controls allowing specific actions to take place at designated times of the day or week. If you want an Auto Attendant to answer your calls after business hours, simply set a time control that turns the IVR on at 5 o'clock and the weekends.

Call Queue

  • Call Queues allow Sharpen clients to set up ‘Queues’ on inbound routes receiving a high volume of calls. Allow users to call in and out of the Queue when they are available and handle the heavy call load.

Call Recording

  • You have the ability to record a call while you are on the phone or go onto the voice web portal page of Sharpen crm and turn on call recording for your extension for every call. This is a great training and monitoring tool for new employees!.

Music on Hold

  • Upload custom Music on Hold music with your latest advertisement or with your own voice! Personalize your voice service!

Web SMS (Coming Soon)

  • Web SMS allows clients to use any phone number, even a number routed to your desk extension, to send and receive SMS messages. Send mass messages to alert employees and clients or take advantage of another way to engage with your customers and clients.

Voicemail Broadcasting

  • Voicemail Broadcasting gives FV clients additional voicemails to be used and accessed from any Sharpen extension. Create voicemails to be used as general mailboxes or additional voicemails to help meet your company’s needs.

Customize Inbound Routes

  • Sharpen lets FV clients customize their voice service, and Inbound Routes can be directed to perform countless different actions. Send routes to Auto Attendants, individual extensions, ring groups, call queues, advanced call routes, and many more. Develop time controls to provide different call routing options for different times of the day or days of the week.

Latency Chart

  • Latency Chart is on the Dashboard page for Admins inside of Sharpen. This chart shows the average latency for FV’s entire network along with your company’s individual latency. Easily see how your bandwidth is performing and be able to maintain and guarantee your voice service is producing high quality audio.


  • The Hardware section of Sharpen provides administrators the ability to purchase hardware directly from inside the Voice Portal. Search through the available hardware and add them to your cart before checking out using one of the existing credit cards your company already has on file. Adding extensions and other equipment has never been easier!

Sharpen Hub

  • Sharpen Hub provides an online application acting as a “Receptionist” for all Sharpen Users. Easily see which users are available or away and manage inbound calls by answering, dragging and dropping them to different extensions, or transferring calls by using the drag and drop feature as well. Hub allows companies to manage their network quicker and more efficient than ever before!

Efficient Management

  • Sharpen has been designed to make managing our cloud based phone system as easy and efficient as possible. With Sharpen acting as the        administration portal and interactive processes for enrollment and training, Sharpen service provides a customizable and intuitive phone service unlike any other on the cloud based market.

Hardware Free PBX

  • Sharpen is a truly cloud based phone service, and because of this; our phone service lives on our mirrored data centers around the country. What does this mean for you? No additional hardware besides FV phones are needed to connect to our network and hundreds of advanced calling features. Upgrades are performed automatically, new features are added as soon as they hit the market, and no one needs trained to support the complicated phone system. Sharpen saves your company the up front cost of the equipment, the ongoing cost of maintenance and software upgrades, and the time and hassle of dealing with an on premise phone system.

Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Sharpen is a cloud based phone system. Meaning, our phone service is ran over the Local Area Network and through your company’s Internet. Disasters are uncontrollable and power outages or line cuts cannot be predicted. Unlike on premise phone systems, where if the power or PRI line running to your PBX is cut or lost the entire phone system is down until a repair can be made, Disaster Recovery Plans are built into your voice service. Your administrator can create a custom DR plan allowing for phone calls to never be missed in a time of emergency or power outage. Whether you send those phone calls directly to voicemail, external lines or cell phones, or you simply move the phones themselves to a new destination; Sharpen network will never go offline due to the built in redundancy. Therefore, your phone calls will continue to be routed and ran through our cloud based network, whether your actual phones have local power or Internet connectivity.

Interactive Training

  • Sharpen has created Sharpen University to act as our online,interactive training program for every type of Sharpen User. Whether you’re an end user, billing contact, administrator, or partner; there are courses of study available to teach you how to use and become an expert of Sharpen. Each Sharpen User has their own personalized experience based upon their use of Sharpen.

Online Enrollment Process

  • Sharpen Enroll is the online, interactive process of signing up as a Sharpen client. This process walks you through creating Sharpen Users, porting numbers, ordering equipment, and everything else involved in our phone service. This process automatically creates your company’s voice service and generates Sharpen users inside of Sharpen University and Sharpen. The enrollment process has never been easier from a client and administrator’s role. Once a client is onboard, the administrator can customize their voice service more so using our advanced calling features inside of Sharpen.

Grassroot Customization

  • Using phone system features often requires a graduate degree or extensive amounts of time to read through the inch thick manual; Sharpen teaches End Users and Administrators how to customize their extension and voice network to meet their individual and company needs respectively. Restrict and allow access to different features by creating User Groups and managing all those functions inside of Sharpen.

Unlimited Calling

  • Our cloud based phone service offers unlimited local and long distance calling. No matter your minutes or usage, your phone bill will remain the same every month with our service. Whether you are calling next door or across the country, you can relax knowing that no additional charges will be coming your way.

Unlimited Voicemail

  • Sharpen offers unlimited voicemail for every extension it services. Don't panic when you see the red bar glowing, there is no need to ever delete a voicemail from Sharpen. They are all fully backed and there is no limit when using our service. (However, there is a limit of 99 voicemails on your phone.) That way, if you need to hear a voicemail from 3 months prior, it is available for you.

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