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Disaster Recovery Plans

Last Updated: May 31, 2016 10:27PM EDT
Disaster Recovery (D.R.) can be implemented in many different scenarios. For Sharpen it comes down to alternative methods for processing calls, in the event of any disaster.

Examples of disaster include but are not limited to:
  • Weather Emergency – Snow, ice, anything preventing you from getting to the office
  • Building Emergency, flood, fire, etc., not allowing you to use the building
  • Power Outage
  • Internet Outage
  • Construction Error – Backhoe cutting all the underground wires coming into your neighborhood, or your building. (This is surprisingly common.)
  • And many other disasters we have no control over

The Sharpen Cloud PBX system’s greatest feature is that service can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. In the event your office loses functionality you can still access your service in the following ways:
  • Off-Premise Ringing Assignments
  • Alternative Internet Access
  • Phone relocation

Your IP desk phones will function anywhere with a working internet connection. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Homes of the employees
  • Other branch offices of your company
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, etc.
  • Hotel lobbies

*Important to note: A valid E911 address is required for all phone extensions. This is a federal requirement to ensure the Emergency Response Service has an accurate destination or address registered to your extension. If this is your D.R. plan make sure the new address has already been loaded in as an option making this switch as easy and efficient as possible in the face of a disaster. The phones will continue to work regardless of the address applied, but Sharpen urges our clients to make the appropriate changes and avoid another potential disaster from occurring. 

Alternate Ringing Destinations

Each Inbound Route should have a forwarding option separate from the office location. For example:

  • Main Line – Receptionists cell phone (perhaps)
  • Private Line– Your Cell Phone / Home Phone, etc.
  • Fax Line – If you are using Sharpen Voice e-fax, this is not a problem. Faxes are delivered to the e-mail address of your choosing. *If you are using traditional fax service, you will have to determine an alternative fax machine, and arrange for the line itself to be “Call Forwarded" to that off premise location. 
Alternative Internet Access

Disruption of internet access will cause your Sharpen phones to lose service as they require a functioning internet connection to receive calls. The good news is that Sharpen's service is powered by remote servers and will continue to function. If you arrange for alternative Internet service, you can continue working without interruption. The alternative internet source needs to be from a different provider to ensure a solid backup connection will take over during an outage.

Alternatives could be:

  • DSL – A basic, cost effective DSL service could be purchased as a back up. Preferably, this would not come from the same Carrier as the primary Internet access.
  • CABLE – Basic business cable service may be available in your area. Advantages might be:
    • Low cost – Basic packages often start below $50.00 per month.
    • Added TV service with it – If you want this for your office.
    • Analog line service – A few traditional lines can be delivered with the cable service, for fax / credit card / postage machines, etc.
    • Wireless / Satellite Access – There are many providers of wireless access Internet service that can be purchased for this purpose. *You must have a wireless capable phone, i.e. Cisco 525g, for this alternative to work. **Wireless connections are not as reliable as wired connections, so quality may be affected on a wireless connection.

To implement a disaster recovery plan and have it built into your Sharpen Voice network contact us at and request a disaster recovery plan form. 

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