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Setting Up Call Queues

Last Updated: May 31, 2016 09:10PM EDT
Call queues are a great option for businesses that receive a large volume of calls to specific inbound routes. For example, if the sales department of your company had calls constantly coming in, a call queue might be a good feature to consider. Similar to a ring or hunt group, a call queue puts multiple phones or extensions in the same queue and as soon as calls come in, they are directed to the first available extension inside the queue. Users can “call” in or out of these queues as well. This allows a user to “call out” of the queue while they were on lunch, in a meeting, or unavailable, and consequently another user could “call in” to the queue and allow those phones to route to their extension for the time being. 
Important to note: Call queues are not the same thing as ring and hunt groups, and are not the best available option for most 
clients. Only customers with a large amount of call traffic should consider using the call queue advanced calling feature.

How to set up a Call Queue:
1. Log on to 
2. Use the toggle to access your 'Admin' account
3. Rollover the 'Configuration' navigation tab and select 'Queues'
4. To view and edit your previously saved queues, use the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner
5. If you are creating a new call queue, please name your queue and fill in the appropriate fields. Then, select which users you’d like
in your call queue. By selecting a name from the left box, selected users will go into the box on the right.
6. You can also create an auto attendant within your call queue.

*There is no limit to what users have to dial with the exception of a number that is already in use. For example: if 3070 is already
in use by a user for another queue, you cannot use it. No numbers can be reused.
**The portal will not update in real time, the users in the queue will remain static but can dial in and out from the queue by

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