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Bria for Mac OSX Setup and How to:

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2016 04:49AM EDT

Bria Download Link

In order to use the Bria 3 Mac (OSX) soft phone you must first purchase a software license from Sharpen.  Please reach out to for more information.

Once you have placed your order and received your keys, please download the software and install the application on each of your computers that you have purchased license(s) for.

To download the software please click the link below: 

Setting up Bria for Mac

Before starting Bria, please make sure to connect your headset.

Where you see ‘xxx’ use the extension number

1. After Bria has been installed, open the application.

2. Select “No Login Required”

3. Enter license key when prompted.

4. Open the “Preferences” menu

5. Go to the Accounts tab

6. Press the “+” button, then select “New SIP Account” 

7. Now configure the extension:

Use the following settings on the 'General' tab which can be found in the 'Configuration' > 'Extensions' menu in

A. Account name

B. User ID - Username on Extensions page

C. Domain - Server Address on Extensions page
**(note: If address has a remove the.01.b)**
Example: use the following

D. Password - Password on Extensions page

E. Display name - Desired name to be displayed to other Bria users

F. Authorization name - Username on Extensions page

Use the following settings on the “Voicemail” tab

A. Number to dial for checking voicemail - use “*97”

B. Number for sending calls to voicemail - use * followed by extension number i.e. *XXX

Use the following settings on the “Advanced” tab 

A. Register every - Set to 240

8. After using the recommended settings, click “OK”

Add Bria Contacts via CSV Upload for Mac

Please use the attached CSV format when uploading new contacts for Bria 3. Please note that you must use UTF8 encoding when using a spreadsheet to edit the data. Excel uses unicode as default, which may cause an issue when importing foreign accented characters.
While having bria selected you will navigate to the top toolbar and select contacts. Then select "Import Contacts" to upload the CSV.
When uploading Sharpen extensions to your bria as new Contacts; you will only need to fill out the following columns. The attached CSV shows what specific information should be entered for each row with examples in row
The information can be retrieved from your Sharpen account. All other columns should be left blank.

Categories - will be the users specified Department

Default_address - will be "sip:****@us1.vbx**" the first asterisk will be your extension number the second
will be the specified server for your account. Information found by navigating to>admin>Extensions>Select Extension

Default_address_comm - will equal= "im"

Default_address_type - will equal= "sip"

Display-name - example: users full name

Given_name - example: users first name only

is_favorite - will equal "False"

Pres_subscription - will equal= "True"

Sip_address - Can be found by navigating to>admin>Extensions>Select Extension

Surname - example: users last name only


How to Transfer Calls

1. If you would like to transfer a caller to someone else, first press the 'Transfer' button
2. Enter the number you would like to transfer the call to
3. To perform an announced call transfer:
    - Press the down arrow next to 'Transfer' and select 'Call'
    - Announce to the receiving party that you have a caller for them
    - If they accept the call, press the 'Transfer Now' button and the call will be transferred to them
    - If they decline, press the 'X' button to end the second call. Advise the caller that the party they       are trying to reach is unavailable. 
4. To perform a blind transfer:
    - Press the 'Transfer' button and the caller will be transferred. 
5. To transfer to an extension voicemail:
    - Dial * then the extension number and press 'Transfer' to send them to the extension's voicemail


How to Start a Conference Call

1. Enter the first number that you would like to include in the conference call.
2. Select the drop down arrow next to the call button.
3. Select 'Start Conference Call'.
4. Bria will begin dialing the first number.
5. You will see the first number you called open below the keypad followed by a new text      
    box. Enter the next number you would like to dial and press the add button.
6. Enter the next number that you would like to dial, then press the add button.
7. You may continue adding numbers after the second by clicking the down arrow next to the end 
    call button and selecting 'Invite to Conference Call'.
8. To end the call, simply press the red phone button to hang up.

Bria Keyboard Shortcuts

See the attached file for keyboard shortcuts that will make using your Bria soft phone even easier.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Changing your Audio device

1. Open the “Preferences” menu

2. Click the 'Devices' tab


4. Select Headset that is plugged into your computer 

5. Click the 'Test Devices' button 

6. Confirm Headset works and make calls!

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