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Case Priority Expectations

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2016 06:27PM EDT
This is a statement of the support standards we set ourselves. We aim to achieve them at all times and usually greatly exceed them.

Category of Fault

Example classifications below. These are meant to impart severity and rule out common mis-interpretations.

10 - Urgent
  • All inbound numbers and/or outbound calls have ceased to work.
  • All Sharpen Q users are not able to receive calls
  • You cannot access the portal but can reach other sites such as Google.

7 - High
  • One or more inbound numbers are failing
  • One or more outbound call failures
  • All Faxes are not being sent and/or received
  • Presence in the portal for calls is not updating for everyone
  • Consistent Call Quality Issues
  • One or more Sharpen Q users are not able to accept calls

5 - Normal
  • Poor quality or single-destination call failures
  • Presence in the portal for calls is not updating for a single extension user
  • Sharpen Q calls are stuck in the portal but not affecting call flow
  • A single extension have issue
  • Phone Provision request
  • Conference Bridge Access Issues
  • Sales/service inquiries

While these examples do not cover all eventualities, they hopefully convey the severity that should be attached to a ticket. 

Faults mis-classified will be re-classified where appropriate and abuse of Urgent and High categories will result in all tickets from your organization being downgraded.

Response Time

From the time of reporting to response is as below. We are typically much quicker.

10- Urgent
  • 30 Minutes

7 - High
  • 2 Hours

5 - Normal
  • 4 Hours

Reporting faults

  • This support portal is intentionally off-network and should be used to report all issues using the Email Us link above or submit an email to Support@sharpencx.comx
  • To correctly categorize the severity of your issue add to the subject line Urgent, High or Normal.  All non-labeled tickets will be normal priority until escalated as needed.
  • Please provide as much information as possible. You will be invited to assign a priority to the issue and we ask that you adhere to the categories described above.

Once your ticket is submitted, our response will depend on the severity of your issue:

  • Category 10 (Urgent) issues will result in a message to available engineers 24x7 and be available in our support system.
  • Category 7 (High) issues will result in a message to available engineers outside of office hours and be available in our support system.
  • Category 5 (Normal) issues will be available in our support system and during office hours will be attended to by duty staff and escalated as appropriate.
  1. Please note, if your priority is deemed inappropriate it will be re-prioritized entirely at our discretion and dealt with accordingly. 
  2. Tickets reported through any other means (notably direct staff e-mails, SMS, or telephone) will be Category 5 (Normal).
  3. As soon as your ticket is being looked at we will aim to respond ASAP either with resolution or with an update and estimate of time to resolution where possible.
  4. During a major network incident we will instead update the status information on this portal and respond to reports of dependent faults as soon as practicable.
  5. When we consider an issue resolved we will send you a mail saying so. Please test and if we do not hear further from you the ticket will be closed.

Escalation procedure

  1. Category 10 and 7 issues will automatically notify Directors
  2. Category 10 issues will also notify the Managing Director. If the above response times have been breached you may use this portal (see the 'My Cases' link at the top of this page) to edit your request.
  3. Please do not abuse this if your issue is within the times and example priorities above.

For questions regarding escalation procedure contact Sharpen Support:
855.249.3357 Opt. 2

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