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Legacy: Cisco Device Provisioning

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:48AM EDT


To hook up your Cisco device please go to the link below:



  1. Make sure the user has had an account created on Make note of their login credentials.
  2. Have the user log into their account at using the credentials you have defined. Reassure them they can change their password at any time.
  3. If the Cisco device has been provisioned to a previous provider start by factory resetting the device by pressing: Menu + 1 + 4 + Confirm

Otherwise, begin here:

  1. In your Sharpen Portal, switch to the 'Admin' view
  2. Then follow these steps: go to 'Configurations' > 'Extensions' > select the extension you will be provisioning the device
  3. Enter the MAC address in the appropriate field
  4. Ensure you have selected the appropriate 'Device Group' and 'Device Type'
  5. Press 'Save' at the bottom of the screen, you should see a 'Processing' screen. Refresh page. 
  6. After completed, you will need to press the 'Manual Provision' button in the web portal (located right under where you entered the MAC address). There you will enter in the phones IP address and select submit.  PLEASE NOTE: when performing the 'Manual Provision', you must be on the same local network as the device (192.10.0.X for the computer and the phone)
  7. Your device should reboot/update firmware and when done, you will be connected to our network
  8. Should you have any questions, or your device does not connect to the network immediately, please contact us at to schedule a time to correct the issues you are experiencing. 



Use the following steps to Auto Provision a Cisco SPA8000 to the Sharpen network.


1. Connect the device to your network.

2. Connect an analog phone to Port 1 of the SPA 8000

3. Press the star key 4 times (****) to enter the device's IVR(Interactive Voice Response).

4. Follow the prompts to get the devices IP Address that was assigned via DHCP from your router. (Enter 110 #)

5. Open a web browser on a computer located on the same local network as the device.  Enter the IP address into your browser (IE:

6. Click the 'Admin' link in the top right.

7. Click the 'Voice' Tab

8. Click the 'Advanced' link under where you 1st click Admin

9. Now, click the 'Provisioning' tab

10. Make the following changes:

Provision Enabled: Yes
Resync on Reset: Yes
Resync Periodic: 0 
Profile Rule: URL:$MA                          

11. Click 'Submit All Changes' at the bottom of the page

12. Reboot the device

13. After the device reboots it will most likely updated the firmware, this can take several minutes depending on your internet connection  




Once the device finishes booting the lights behind the line numbers should turn solid green, meaning they are connected to the internet and ready to use.


NOTE: Once you have programed your SPA800 to the Sharpen Auto Provisioning System it will apply a password to both the User and the Admin side of the device. The username and password for both of these are as follows:

Username: user
Password: userspa

Username: admin
Password: adminspa

Please be sure you are aware of which portal you are logging into, for example you must first login the User portal of the SPA 8000 before you can click the link to log into the admin portal.  This is a requirement from Cisco and not something that Sharpen has the ability to change.

 *If you need further assistance please reference the Linksys SPA 8000 Quick Start Guide attached.

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