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Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:50AM EDT
How do I access the Voicemail Menu?
Dial *97 to access the Voicemail menu from your phone. You may also have a "Message" button on your phone, which usually has an envelope icon. You can download the attached document as a quick reference!

How do I know if I have a Voicemail?
There are a few different ways to know if you have a voicemail waiting for you:
  • Your phone will display an indicator, this depends on the model of phone you are using.
  • If Voicemail to Email is enabled, you will receive an email with an attached mp3 file.
  • The Voicemail will be displayed on the My Voicemail section

How do I check voicemail?
  1. Dial *97 to access voicemail
  2. Press ‘1’ to listen to new messages
  3. Press ‘7’ to delete messages
  • To check voicemail from a different phone, dial *98 followed by the extension number and password
  • You can setup Voicemail to Email on your End User: Settings page, or an Administrator can do so.
  • You may also check voicemail from the End User dashboard.

What options are available in the Voicemail Menu?
When accessing the Voicemail Menu, the following options are available:

Press 1 for Messages
  • Press 1 to Skip Timestamp / Play Timestamp
  • Press 2 to Change Folder
  • Press 3 for Advanced Options ( 1 - send reply | 3 - hear message envelope | * - return to main menu)
  • Press 4 for Previous Message
  • Press 5 to Repeat Message
  • Press 6 for Next Message
  • Press 7 to Delete Message
  • Press 8 to Forward Message
  • Press 9 to Save Message

Press 2 to Change Folders
  • Press 0 for New Messages
  • Press 1 for Old Messages
  • Press 2 for Work Messages
  • Press 3 for Family Messages
  • Press 4 for Friends Messages
  • # Cancel

Press 3 for Advanced Options
  • Press * to Return

Press 0 for Mailbox Options
Press 1 to Record Your Unavailable Message
  • Press # When Finished Recording
  • Press 1 to Accept the Message
  • Press 2 to Listen to Recording
  • Press 3 to Re-record Message

Press 2 to Record Busy Message
  • Same options as '1 to Record Unavailable Message'

Press 3 to Record Name
  • Same options as '1 to Record Unavailable Message'

Press 4 to manage Temporary Greeting
  • Press # to finish recording
  • Press 1 to record Temporary Greeting
  • Press 2 to erase Temporary Greeting

Press 5 to Change Password
  • Press # to Accept Password Changes
At anytime you can press * for help or # to exit.

What are the different Greeting types? There are multiple greeting options for voicemail. Below are descriptions for each type:
  • 1 - Unavailable Message - This is the message the user will get if you do not answer your phone.
  • 2 - Busy Message - This is the message the user will get if you are on the phone and do not answer.
  • 3 - Record Your Name - Recording your name is for the dial by name directory, Instead of saying extension one zero zero it would state your name recording.
  • 4 - Temporary Greeting - The temporary greeting is for a temporary message this message if used will over ride any other message. After it has been used for the appropriate time you have to clear the message so it does not play the temporary message any more.

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