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Finding Internet Service Providers

Last Updated: May 31, 2016 08:46PM EDT
I'm looking for a local Internet Service Provider but I'm not sure which one to choose?
If you are setting up in a new location or are experiencing issues with your current Internet Service Provider, these third party tools will help you identify available Internet Service Providers in your area.

Please Note: AT&T/UVERSE is not a recommended provider. The equipment they provide & require is not compatible with our services and can cause severe issues.

I selected a provider, now which plan do I need?
  • Find a plan that provides enough bandwidth for your needs. Use the following equation to determine the amount of bandwidth required for your voice traffic: [90 x (.6 x # of devices)] / 1,024 = required bandwidth in mbps (megabytes per second). This will provide you with the baseline bandwidth required for your phones. You will also want to make sure you have enough bandwidth to support all of the other applications and services you are using.

  • Satellite or cellular communications are not recommended. The nature of these connections typically introduce too much latency to support phone calls.

  • Many internet providers rent out networking equipment such as modems and routers. Sharpen strongly recommends purchasing your own equipment as rented equipment from providers is often not suitable for handling VoIP traffic. Sharpen Voice offers the sale of Cisco Meraki cloud managed routers to meet your needs if you are not sure what equipment to purchase. For more information please visit our Hardware Page.

  • If you are looking to purchase your own equipment and are not sure if it is compatible with VoIP traffic please contact us at or call 855-249-3357 opt. 2 for assistance.

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